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REVECA – Rich Encoder-decoder framework for Video Event CAptioner

by   Jaehyuk Heo, et al.
Korea University

We describe an approach used in the Generic Boundary Event Captioning challenge at the Long-Form Video Understanding Workshop held at CVPR 2022. We designed a Rich Encoder-decoder framework for Video Event CAptioner (REVECA) that utilizes spatial and temporal information from the video to generate a caption for the corresponding the event boundary. REVECA uses frame position embedding to incorporate information before and after the event boundary. Furthermore, it employs features extracted using the temporal segment network and temporal-based pairwise difference method to learn temporal information. A semantic segmentation mask for the attentional pooling process is adopted to learn the subject of an event. Finally, LoRA is applied to fine-tune the image encoder to enhance the learning efficiency. REVECA yielded an average score of 50.97 on the Kinetics-GEBC test data, which is an improvement of 10.17 over the baseline method. Our code is available in


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Code Repositories


Generic Event Boundary Captioning (GEBC) Challenge at LOVEU@CVPR 2022 - 3rd place (REVECA)

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