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Rethinking the Backdoor Attacks' Triggers: A Frequency Perspective

by   Yi Zeng, et al.
University of Michigan
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Backdoor attacks have been considered a severe security threat to deep learning. Such attacks can make models perform abnormally on inputs with predefined triggers and still retain state-of-the-art performance on clean data. While backdoor attacks have been thoroughly investigated in the image domain from both attackers' and defenders' sides, an analysis in the frequency domain has been missing thus far. This paper first revisits existing backdoor triggers from a frequency perspective and performs a comprehensive analysis. Our results show that many current backdoor attacks exhibit severe high-frequency artifacts, which persist across different datasets and resolutions. We further demonstrate these high-frequency artifacts enable a simple way to detect existing backdoor triggers at a detection rate of 98.50 details and the target model. Acknowledging previous attacks' weaknesses, we propose a practical way to create smooth backdoor triggers without high-frequency artifacts and study their detectability. We show that existing defense works can benefit by incorporating these smooth triggers into their design consideration. Moreover, we show that the detector tuned over stronger smooth triggers can generalize well to unseen weak smooth triggers. In short, our work emphasizes the importance of considering frequency analysis when designing both backdoor attacks and defenses in deep learning.


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