Rethinking Quality of Experience for Metaverse Services: A Consumer-based Economics Perspective

by   Hongyang Du, et al.

The Metaverse is considered to be one prototype of the next-generation Internet, which contains people's expectations for the future world. However, the academic discussion of the Metaverse still mainly focused on the system technical design, and few research studied Metaverse challenges from the perspective of consumers, i.e., Metaverse users. One difficulty is that the analysis from the consumer's perspective requires interdisciplinary theoretical framework and quantifiable Quality of Experience (QoE) measurements. In this article, pioneering from consumers' point of view, we explore an interaction between Metaverse system design and consumer behaviors. Specifically, we rethink the QoE and propose an interdisciplinary framework that encompasses both the Metaverse service providers (MSPs) and consumer considerations. From the macro perspective, we introduce a joint optimization scheme that simultaneously considers the Metaverse system design, consumers' utility, and profitability of the MSPs. From the micro perspective, we advocate the Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) as an easy-to-implement QoE measurement for future Metaverse system studies. To illustrate the usability of the proposed integrated framework, a use case of Metaverse, i.e., virtual traveling, is presented. We show that our framework can benefit the MSPs in offering competitive and economical service design to consumers while maximizing the profit.


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