Résumé-Driven Development: A Definition and Empirical Characterization

01/29/2021 ∙ by Jonas Fritzsch, et al. ∙ 0

Technologies play an important role in the hiring process for software professionals. Within this process, several studies revealed misconceptions and bad practices which lead to suboptimal recruitment experiences. In the same context, grey literature anecdotally coined the term Résumé-Driven Development (RDD), a phenomenon describing the overemphasis of trending technologies in both job offerings and resumes as an interaction between employers and applicants. While RDD has been sporadically mentioned in books and online discussions, there are so far no scientific studies on the topic, despite its potential negative consequences. We therefore empirically investigated this phenomenon by surveying 591 software professionals in both hiring (130) and technical (558) roles and identified RDD facets in substantial parts of our sample: 60 influence their job offerings, while 82 that using trending technologies in their daily work makes them more attractive for prospective employers. Grounded in the survey results, we conceptualize a theory to frame and explain Résumé-Driven Development. Finally, we discuss influencing factors and consequences and propose a definition of the term. Our contribution provides a foundation for future research and raises awareness for a potentially systemic trend that may broadly affect the software industry.



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