Results on Competitiveness of Online Shortest Remaining Processing Time(SRPT) Scheduling with Special Classes of Inputs

by   Sheetal Swain, et al.

Shortest Remaining Processing Time (SRPT) is a well known preemptive scheduling algorithm for uniprocessor and multiprocessor systems. SRPT finds applications in the emerging areas such as scheduling of client's requests that are submitted to a web server for accessing static web pages, managing the access requests to files in multiuser database systems and routing of packets across several links as per bandwidth availability in data communications. SRPT has been proved to be optimal for the settings, where the objective is to minimize the mean response time of a list of jobs. According to our knowledge, there is less attention on the study of online SRPT with respect to the minimization of makespan as a performance criterion. In this paper, we study the SRPT algorithm for online scheduling in multiprocessor systems with makespan minimization as an objective. We obtain improved constant competitiveness results for algorithm SRPT for special classes of online job sequences based on practical real life applications.


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