Responsive Listening Head Generation: A Benchmark Dataset and Baseline

by   Mohan Zhou, et al.
Microsoft, Inc.
Harbin Institute of Technology

Responsive listening during face-to-face conversations is a critical element of social interaction and is well established in psychological research. Through non-verbal signals response to the speakers' words, intonations, or behaviors in real-time, listeners show how they are engaged in dialogue. In this work, we build the Responsive Listener Dataset (RLD), a conversation video corpus collected from the public resources featuring 67 speakers, 76 listeners with three different attitudes. We define the responsive listening head generation task as the synthesis of a non-verbal head with motions and expressions reacting to the multiple inputs, including the audio and visual signal of the speaker. Unlike speech-driven gesture or talking head generation, we introduce more modals in this task, hoping to benefit several research fields, including human-to-human interaction, video-to-video translation, cross-modal understanding, and generation. Furthermore, we release an attitude conditioned listening head generation baseline. Project page: <>.


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