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Response to LiveBot: Generating Live Video Comments Based on Visual and Textual Contexts

by   Hao Wu, et al.
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin City University
ADAPT Centre

Live video commenting systems are an emerging feature of online video sites. Recently the Chinese video sharing platform Bilibili, has popularised a novel captioning system where user comments are displayed as streams of moving subtitles overlaid on the video playback screen and broadcast to all viewers in real-time. LiveBot was recently introduced as a novel Automatic Live Video Commenting (ALVC) application. This enables the automatic generation of live video comments from both the existing video stream and existing viewers comments. In seeking to reproduce the baseline results reported in the original Livebot paper, we found differences between the reproduced results using the project codebase and the numbers reported in the paper. Further examination of this situation suggests that this may be caused by a number of small issues in the project code, including a non-obvious overlap between the training and test sets. In this paper, we study these discrepancies in detail and propose an alternative baseline implementation as a reference for other researchers in this field.


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