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Response Generation by Context-aware Prototype Editing

by   Yu Wu, et al.
Beihang University

Open domain response generation has achieved remarkable progress in recent years, but sometimes yields short and uninformative responses. We propose a new paradigm for response generation, that is response generation by editing, which significantly increases the diversity and informativeness of the generation results. Our assumption is that a plausible response can be generated by slightly revising an existing response prototype. The prototype is retrieved from a pre-defined index and provides a good start-point for generation because it is grammatical and informative. We design a response editing model, where an edit vector is formed by considering differences between a prototype context and a current context, and then the edit vector is fed to a decoder to revise the prototype response for the current context. Experiment results on a large scale dataset demonstrate that the response editing model outperforms generative and retrieval-based models on various aspects.


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