Resource-Aware Min-Min (RAMM) Algorithm for Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Environment

by   Syed Arshad Ali, et al.

Resource allocation (RA) is a significant aspect in Cloud Computing which facilitates the Cloud resources to Cloud consumers as a metered service. The Cloud resource manager is responsible to assign available resources to the tasks for execution in an effective way that improves system performance, reduce response time, reduce makespan and utilize resources efficiently. To fulfil these objectives, an effective Tasks Scheduling algorithm is required. The standard Min-Min and Max-Min Task Scheduling Algorithms are available, but these algorithms are not able to produce better makespan and effective resource utilization. This paper proposed a Resource-Aware Min-Min (RAMM) Algorithm based on classic Min-Min Algorithm. The RAMM Algorithm selects shortest execution time task and assign it to the resource which takes shortest completion time. If minimum completion time resource is busy then the RAMM Algorithm selects next minimum completion time resource to reduce waiting time of task and better resource utilization. The experiment results show that the RAMM Algorithm produces better makespan and load balance than standard Min-Min, Max-Min and improved Max-Min Algorithms.



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