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Resolving Intent Ambiguities by Retrieving Discriminative Clarifying Questions

by   Kaustubh D. Dhole, et al.

Task oriented Dialogue Systems generally employ intent detection systems in order to map user queries to a set of pre-defined intents. However, user queries appearing in natural language can be easily ambiguous and hence such a direct mapping might not be straightforward harming intent detection and eventually the overall performance of a dialogue system. Moreover, acquiring domain-specific clarification questions is costly. In order to disambiguate queries which are ambiguous between two intents, we propose a novel method of generating discriminative questions using a simple rule based system which can take advantage of any question generation system without requiring annotated data of clarification questions. Our approach aims at discrimination between two intents but can be easily extended to clarification over multiple intents. Seeking clarification from the user to classify user intents not only helps understand the user intent effectively, but also reduces the roboticity of the conversation and makes the interaction considerably natural.


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