Resolving Confusion Over Third Order Accuracy of U-MUSCL

04/03/2021 ∙ by Emmett Padway, et al. ∙ 0

In this paper, we discuss the U-MUSCL reconstruction scheme – an unstructured-grid extension of Van Leer's kappa-scheme – proposed by Burg for the edge-based discretization [AIAA Paper 2005-4999]. This technique has been widely used in practical unstructured-grid fluid-dynamics solvers but with confusions: e.g., third-order accuracy with kappa=1/2 or kappa=1/3. This paper clarifies some of these confusions: e.g., the U-MUSCL scheme can be third-order accurate in the point-valued solution with kappa=1/3 on regular grids for linear equations in all dimensions, it can be third-order accurate with kappa=1/2 as the QUICK scheme in one dimension. It is shown that the U-MUSCL scheme cannot be third-order accurate for nonlinear equations, except a very special case of kappa=1/2 on regular simplex-element grids, but it can be an accurate low-dissipation second-order scheme. It is also shown that U-MUSCL extrapolates a quadratic function exactly with kappa=1/2 on arbitrary grids provided the gradient is computed by a quadratic least-squares method. Two techniques are discussed, which transform the U-MUSCL scheme into being genuinely third-order accurate on a regular grid: an efficient flux-reconstruction method and a special source term quadrature formula for kappa=1/2.



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