Resisting the Distracting-factors in Pedestrian Detection

by   Zhe Wang, et al.
Arizona State University
Beihang University

Pedestrian detection has been heavily studied in the last decade due to its wide applications. Despite incremental progress, several distracting-factors in the aspect of geometry and appearance still remain. In this paper, we first analyze these impeding factors and their effect on the general region-based detection framework. We then present a novel model that is resistant to these factors by incorporating methods that are not solely restricted to pedestrian detection domain. Specifically, to address the geometry distraction, we design a novel coulomb loss as a regulator on bounding box regression, in which proposals are attracted by their target instance and repelled by the adjacent non-target instances. For appearance distraction, we propose an efficient semantic-driven strategy for selecting anchor locations, which can sample informative negative examples at training phase for classification refinement. Our detector can be trained in an end-to-end manner, and achieves consistently high performance on both the Caltech-USA and CityPersons benchmarks. Code will be publicly available upon publication.


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