Research on Failure Characteristics of Circular Expansion Foundation of Large Wind Turbine

12/16/2020 ∙ by Peng Cheng, et al. ∙ 0

Wind power as clean energy has been widely promoted. However, during the operation of a wind turbine in a mountainous area, a large number of instability phenomena appear in the wind turbine foundation. To study the damage characteristics of a mountain wind turbine foundation, the influence of topography on a mountain wind turbine is considered. According to the complex mechanical structure characteristics of the wind turbine, a circular expansion foundation model have a ratio of 1:10 to the wind turbine which 2MW installed capacity is established. The foundation model is simulated by the ABAQUS, and the impact of soil pressure on the wind turbine foundation under random wind load is analyzed. Understand the fragile parts of the wind turbine foundation. The results show that :(1) under the action of random wind load, the strain of the anchor rod, and the ground ring, of the bottom plate is small and will not be destroyed ;(2) under the influence of wind load, he soil within a 1.5 times radius range of wind turbine foundation is easily disturbed, but the core soil below the foundation is unaffected. It is suggested that the soil within a 1.5 times radius range of the wind turbine foundation should be strengthened to ensure the safety and stability of the foundation.



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