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Research on a New Convolutional Neural Network Model Combined with Random Edges Adding

by   Xuanyu Shu, et al.

It is always a hot and difficult point to improve the accuracy of convolutional neural network model and speed up its convergence. Based on the idea of small world network, a random edge adding algorithm is proposed to improve the performance of convolutional neural network model. This algorithm takes the convolutional neural network model as a benchmark, and randomizes backwards and cross-layer connections with probability p to form a new convolutional neural network model. The proposed idea can optimize the cross layer connectivity by changing the topological structure of convolutional neural network, and provide a new idea for the improvement of the model. The simulation results based on Fashion-MINST and cifar10 data set show that the model recognition accuracy and training convergence speed are greatly improved by random edge adding reconstructed models with aprobability p = 0.1.


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