Research on a Hybrid System With Perfect Forward Secrecy

by   Weiqing You, et al.

The rapid development of computer technology will be the whole world as a whole, the widespread application of instant messaging technology to bring great convenience to people's lives, while privacy protection has become a more significant problem. For ordinary it's hard to equip themselves with a cryptograph machine. In this paper, through in-depth study of elliptic curve cryptosystem ECC and advanced encryption standard AES encryption algorithm, according to the characteristics of public key cryptography, elliptic curve version through the establishment of Diffie-Hellman key exchange protocol, combined with AES, design a set of perfect forward secrecy mixed cryptograph system .The system can guarantee the security of communication, easy to implement, the operation speed is quick and the cost is low. At last, the security of the system is analyzed under the environment of common network attacks.


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