Research Challenges and Prospective Business Impacts of Cloud Computing: A Survey

by   Amin Keshavarzi, et al.

In today's information technology (IT) era, a major part of the costs is being spent on computational needs. Enterprises are in efforts to increase their Return on Investment (ROI) and individuals are trying to reduce their costs. In this regard, cloud computing which emerges as a fifth utility can reduce costs and enhance performance of IT solutions. A large number of companies and institutions are dealing with cloud related issues as a provider or user. Due to the fact that cloud computing services have been proposed in recent years, organizations and individuals face with various challenges and problems such as how to migrate applications and software platforms into cloud and how to ensure security of migrated applications and etc. Given that many different definitions of cloud computing is presented in many publications and projects, a concrete and clear definition for cloud computing considering its characteristics, models and services is provided in this paper. In addition, current challenges and open issues in cloud computing is discussed in details and further recommendations and roadmaps for scientific activities and researches as well as potentials for improvements in this area from scientific and commercial points of view are given in this paper.


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