Res-GCNN: A Lightweight Residual Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Trajectory Forecasting

by   Yanwu Ge, et al.

Autonomous driving vehicles (ADVs) hold great hopes to solve traffic congestion problems and reduce the number of traffic accidents. Accurate trajectories prediction of other traffic agents around ADVs is of key importance to achieve safe and efficient driving. Pedestrians, particularly, are more challenging to forecast due to their complex social in-teractions and randomly moving patterns. We propose a Residual Graph Convolutional Neural Network (Res-GCNN), which models the interactive behaviors of pedes-trians by using the adjacent matrix of the constructed graph for the current scene. Though the proposed Res-GCNN is quite lightweight with only about 6.4 kilo parameters which outperforms all other methods in terms of parameters size, our experimental results show an improvement over the state of art by 13.3 Final Displacement Error (FDE) which reaches 0.65 meter. As for the Average Dis-placement Error (ADE), we achieve a suboptimal result (the value is 0.37 meter), which is also very competitive. The Res-GCNN is evaluated in the platform with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX1080Ti GPU, and its mean inference time of the whole dataset is only about 2.2 microseconds. Compared with other methods, the proposed method shows strong potential for onboard application accounting for forecasting accuracy and time efficiency. The code will be made publicly available on GitHub.


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