Res-CNN-BiLSTM Network for overcoming Mental Health Disturbances caused due to Cyberbullying through Social Media

by   Raunak Joshi, et al.

Mental Health Disturbance has many reasons and cyberbullying is one of the major causes that does exploitation using social media as an instrument. The cyberbullying is done on the basis of Religion, Ethnicity, Age and Gender which is a sensitive psychological issue. This can be addressed using Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, since social media is the medium and it generates massive form of data in textual form. Such data can be leveraged to find the semantics and derive what type of cyberbullying is done and who are the people involved for early measures. Since deriving semantics is essential we proposed a Hybrid Deep Learning Model named 1-Dimensional CNN-Bidirectional-LSTMs with Residuals shortly known as Res-CNN-BiLSTM. In this paper we have proposed the architecture and compared its performance with different approaches of Embedding Deep Learning Algorithms.



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