Requirements for Developing Robust Neural Networks

10/04/2019 ∙ by John S. Hyatt, et al. ∙ 0

Validation accuracy is a necessary, but not sufficient, measure of a neural network classifier's quality. High validation accuracy during development does not guarantee that a model is free of serious flaws, such as vulnerability to adversarial attacks or a tendency to misclassify (with high confidence) data it was not trained on. The model may also be incomprehensible to a human or base its decisions on unreasonable criteria. These problems, which are not unique to classifiers, have been the focus of a substantial amount of recent research. However, they are not prioritized during model development, which almost always optimizes on validation accuracy to the exclusion of everything else. The product of this approach is likely to fail in unexpected ways outside of the training environment. We believe that, in addition to validation accuracy, the model development process must give added weight to other performance metrics such as explainability, resistance to adversarial attacks, and overconfidence on out-of-distribution data.



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