Reputation-driven Decision-making in Networks of Stochastic Agents

by   David Maoujoud, et al.

This paper studies multi-agent systems that involve networks of self-interested agents. We propose a Markov Decision Process-derived framework, called RepNet-MDP, tailored to domains in which agent reputation is a key driver of the interactions between agents. The fundamentals are based on the principles of RepNet-POMDP, a framework developed by Rens et al. in 2018, but addresses its mathematical inconsistencies and alleviates its intractability by only considering fully observable environments. We furthermore use an online learning algorithm for finding approximate solutions to RepNet-MDPs. In a series of experiments, RepNet agents are shown to be able to adapt their own behavior to the past behavior and reliability of the remaining agents of the network. Finally, our work identifies a limitation of the framework in its current formulation that prevents its agents from learning in circumstances in which they are not a primary actor.



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