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Replication of the Keyword Extraction part of the paper "'Without the Clutter of Unimportant Words': Descriptive Keyphrases for Text Visualization"

by   Shibamouli Lahiri, et al.

"Keyword Extraction" refers to the task of automatically identifying the most relevant and informative phrases in natural language text. As we are deluged with large amounts of text data in many different forms and content - emails, blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, academic papers, news articles - the task of "making sense" of all this text by somehow summarizing them into a coherent structure assumes paramount importance. Keyword extraction - a well-established problem in Natural Language Processing - can help us here. In this report, we construct and test three different hypotheses (all related to the task of keyword extraction) that take us one step closer to understanding how to meaningfully identify and extract "descriptive" keyphrases. The work reported here was done as part of replicating the study by Chuang et al. [3].


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