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Removal of Salt and Pepper noise from Gray-Scale and Color Images: An Adaptive Approach

by   Sujaya Kumar Sathua, et al.

An efficient adaptive algorithm for the removal of Salt and Pepper noise from gray scale and color image is presented in this paper. In this proposed method first a 3X3 window is taken and the central pixel of the window is considered as the processing pixel. If the processing pixel is found as uncorrupted, then it is left unchanged. And if the processing pixel is found corrupted one, then the window size is increased according to the conditions given in the proposed algorithm. Finally the processing pixel or the central pixel is replaced by either the mean, median or trimmed value of the elements in the current window depending upon different conditions of the algorithm. The proposed algorithm efficiently removes noise at all densities with better Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) and Image Enhancement Factor (IEF). The proposed algorithm is compared with different existing algorithms like MF, AMF, MDBUTMF, MDBPTGMF and AWMF.


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