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Reliable Transmission of Short Packets through Queues and Noisy Channels under Latency and Peak-Age Violation Guarantees

by   Rahul Devassy, et al.

This work investigates the probability that the delay and the peak-age of information exceed a desired threshold in a point-to-point communication system with short information packets. The packets are generated according to a stationary memoryless Bernoulli process, placed in a single-server queue and then transmitted over a binary-input additive white Gaussian noise (bi-AWGN) channel. A variable-length stop-feedback coding scheme---a general strategy that encompasses simple automatic repetition request (ARQ) and more sophisticated hybrid ARQ techniques as special cases---is used by the transmitter to convey the information packets to the receiver. By leveraging finite-blocklength results for the bi-AWGN channel, the delay violation and the peak-age violation probabilities are characterized without resorting to approximations based on large-deviation theory as in previous literature. Numerical results illuminate the dependence of delay and peak-age violation probability on system parameters such as the frame size and the undetected error probability, and on the chosen packet-management policy. The guidelines provided by our analysis are particularly useful for the design of low-latency ultra-reliable communication systems.


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