Reliable and Resilient AI and IoT-based Personalised Healthcare Services: A Survey

by   Najma Taimoor, et al.

Recent technological and economic developments have transformed the healthcare sector towards more personalized and IoT-based healthcare services. These services are realized through control and monitoring applications that are typically developed using artificial intelligence/machine learning-based algorithms, which play a significant role in highlighting the efficiency of traditional healthcare systems. Current personalized healthcare services are dedicated to a specific environment to support technological personalization. However, they are unable to consider different interrelated health conditions, leading to inappropriate diagnoses and affecting sustainability and the long-term health of patients. To this end, current Healthcare 5.0 technology has evolved that supersede previous healthcare technologies. The goal of healthcare 5.0 is to achieve an autonomous healthcare service, that takes into account the interdependent effect of different health conditions of a patient. This paper conducts a comprehensive survey on personalized healthcare services. In particular, we first present an overview of key requirements of comprehensive personalized healthcare services in modern healthcare Internet of Things (HIoT), including the definition of personalization and an example use case scenario as a representative for modern HIoT. Second, we explored a fundamental three-layer architecture for IoT-based healthcare systems using AI and non-AI-based approaches, considering key requirements for CPHS followed by their strengths and weaknesses in the frame of personalized healthcare services. Third, we highlighted different security threats against each layer of IoT architecture along with the possible AI and non-AI-based solutions. Finally, we propose a methodology to develop reliable, resilient, and personalized healthcare services that address the identified weaknesses of existing approaches.


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