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ReLeQ: A Reinforcement Learning Approach for Deep Quantization of Neural Networks

by   Ahmed T. Elthakeb, et al.
Georgia Institute of Technology
University of California, San Diego

Despite numerous state-of-the-art applications of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) in a wide range of real-world tasks, two major challenges hinder further advances in DNNs: hyperparameter optimization and lack of computing power. Recent efforts show that quantizing the weights and activations of DNN layers to lower bitwidths takes a significant step toward reducing memory bandwidth and power consumption by using limited computing resources. This paper builds upon the algorithmic insight that the bitwidth of operations in DNNs can be reduced without compromising their classification accuracy. While the use of eight-bit weights and activations during inference maintains the accuracy in most cases, lower bitwidths can achieve the same accuracy while utilizing less power. However, deep quantization (quantizing bitwidths below eight) while maintaining accuracy requires a great deal of trial-and-error, fine-tuning as well as re-training. By formulating quantization bitwidth as a hyperparameter in the optimization problem of selecting the bitwidth, we tackle this issue by leveraging a state-of-the-art policy gradient based Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithm called Proximal Policy Optimization [10] (PPO), to efficiently explore a large design space of DNN quantization. The proposed technique also opens up the possibility of performing heterogeneous quantization of the network (e.g., quantizing each layer to different bitwidth) as the RL agent learns the sensitivity of each layer with respect to accuracy in order to perform quantization of the entire network. We evaluated our method on several neural networks including MNIST, CIFAR10, SVHN and the RL agent quantizes these networks to average bitwidths of 2.25, 5 and 4 respectively with less than 0.3 accuracy loss in all cases.


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