Relative Entropy Regularized Policy Iteration

by   Abbas Abdolmaleki, et al.

We present an off-policy actor-critic algorithm for Reinforcement Learning (RL) that combines ideas from gradient-free optimization via stochastic search with learned action-value function. The result is a simple procedure consisting of three steps: i) policy evaluation by estimating a parametric action-value function; ii) policy improvement via the estimation of a local non-parametric policy; and iii) generalization by fitting a parametric policy. Each step can be implemented in different ways, giving rise to several algorithm variants. Our algorithm draws on connections to existing literature on black-box optimization and 'RL as an inference' and it can be seen either as an extension of the Maximum a Posteriori Policy Optimisation algorithm (MPO) [Abdolmaleki et al., 2018a], or as an extension of Trust Region Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolutionary Strategy (CMA-ES) [Abdolmaleki et al., 2017b; Hansen et al., 1997] to a policy iteration scheme. Our comparison on 31 continuous control tasks from parkour suite [Heess et al., 2017], DeepMind control suite [Tassa et al., 2018] and OpenAI Gym [Brockman et al., 2016] with diverse properties, limited amount of compute and a single set of hyperparameters, demonstrate the effectiveness of our method and the state of art results. Videos, summarizing results, can be found at .


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