Relationship Quantification of Image Degradations

by   Wenxin Wang, et al.

In this paper, we study two challenging but less-touched problems in image restoration, namely, i) how to quantify the relationship between different image degradations and ii) how to improve the performance of a specific restoration task using the quantified relationship. To tackle the first challenge, Degradation Relationship Index (DRI) is proposed to measure the degradation relationship, which is defined as the drop rate difference in the validation loss between two models, i.e., one is trained using the anchor task only and another is trained using the anchor and the auxiliary tasks. Through quantifying the relationship between different degradations using DRI, we empirically observe that i) the degradation combination proportion is crucial to the image restoration performance. In other words, the combinations with only appropriate degradation proportions could improve the performance of the anchor restoration; ii) a positive DRI always predicts the performance improvement of image restoration. Based on the observations, we propose an adaptive Degradation Proportion Determination strategy (DPD) which could improve the performance of the anchor restoration task by using another restoration task as auxiliary. Extensive experimental results verify the effective of our method by taking image dehazing as the anchor task and denoising, desnowing, and deraining as the auxiliary tasks. The code will be released after acceptance.


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