Relating IS Developers' Attitudes to Engagement

by   Sherlock A. Licorish, et al.

Increasing effort is being directed to understanding the personality profiles of highly engaged information systems (IS) developers and the impact of such profiles on development outcomes. However, there has been a lesser degree of attention paid to studying attitudes at a fine-grained level, and relating such attitudes to developers' in-process activities, in spite of the fact that social motivation theory notes the importance of such a relationship in general group work. We have therefore applied linguistic analysis, text mining and visualization, and statistical analysis techniques to artefacts developed by 474 developers to study these issues. Our results indicate that our sample of IS developers conveyed a range of attitudes while working to deliver systems features, and those practitioners who communicated the most were also the most engaged. Additionally, of eight linguistic dimensions considered, expressions regarding work and achievement, as well as insightful attitudes, were most closely related to developers' engagement. Accordingly, team diversity and the provision of active support for outcome-driven developers may contribute positively to maintaining team balance and performance.


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