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Regional Tree Regularization for Interpretability in Black Box Models

by   Mike Wu, et al.
Universität Basel
Tufts University
Università di Siena
Harvard University
Stanford University

The lack of interpretability remains a barrier to the adoption of deep neural networks. Recently, tree regularization has been proposed to encourage deep neural networks to resemble compact, axis-aligned decision trees without significant compromises in accuracy. However, it may be unreasonable to expect that a single tree can predict well across all possible inputs. In this work, we propose regional tree regularization, which encourages a deep model to be well-approximated by several separate decision trees specific to predefined regions of the input space. Practitioners can define regions based on domain knowledge of contexts where different decision-making logic is needed. Across many datasets, our approach delivers more accurate predictions than simply training separate decision trees for each region, while producing simpler explanations than other neural net regularization schemes without sacrificing predictive power. Two healthcare case studies in critical care and HIV demonstrate how experts can improve understanding of deep models via our approach.


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