Region-based Convolution Neural Network Approach for Accurate Segmentation of Pelvic Radiograph

by   Ata Jodeiri, et al.

With the increasing usage of radiograph images as a most common medical imaging system for diagnosis, treatment planning, and clinical studies, it is increasingly becoming a vital factor to use machine learning-based systems to provide reliable information for surgical pre-planning. Segmentation of pelvic bone in radiograph images is a critical preprocessing step for some applications such as automatic pose estimation and disease detection. However, the encoder-decoder style network known as U-Net has demonstrated limited results due to the challenging complexity of the pelvic shapes, especially in severe patients. In this paper, we propose a novel multi-task segmentation method based on Mask R-CNN architecture. For training, the network weights were initialized by large non-medical dataset and fine-tuned with radiograph images. Furthermore, in the training process, augmented data was generated to improve network performance. Our experiments show that Mask R-CNN utilizing multi-task learning, transfer learning, and data augmentation techniques achieve 0.96 DICE coefficient, which significantly outperforms the U-Net. Notably, for a fair comparison, the same transfer learning and data augmentation techniques have been used for U-net training.


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