Reference Model of Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks for Predictive Situation Awareness

06/06/2018 ∙ by Cheol Young Parka, et al. ∙ 2

During the past quarter-century, situation awareness (SAW) has become a critical research theme, because of its importance. Since the concept of SAW was first introduced during World War I, various versions of SAW have been researched and introduced. Predictive Situation Awareness (PSAW) focuses on the ability to predict aspects of a temporally evolving situation over time. PSAW requires a formal representation and a reasoning method using such a representation. A Multi-Entity Bayesian Network (MEBN) is a knowledge representation formalism combining Bayesian Networks (BN) with First-Order Logic (FOL). MEBN can be used to represent uncertain situations (supported by BN) as well as complex situations (supported by FOL). Also, efficient reasoning algorithms for MEBN have been developed. MEBN can be a formal representation to support PSAW and has been used for several PSAW systems. Although several MEBN applications for PSAW exist, very little work can be found in the literature that attempts to generalize a MEBN model to support PSAW. In this research, we define a reference model for MEBN in PSAW, called a PSAW-MEBN reference model. The PSAW-MEBN reference model enables us to easily develop a MEBN model for PSAW by supporting the design of a MEBN model for PSAW. In this research, we introduce two example use cases using the PSAW-MEBN reference model to develop MEBN models to support PSAW: a Smart Manufacturing System and a Maritime Domain Awareness System.



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