Reference-Aided Part-Aligned Feature Disentangling for Video Person Re-Identification

by   Guoqing Zhang, et al.

Recently, video-based person re-identification (re-ID) has drawn increasing attention in compute vision community because of its practical application prospects. Due to the inaccurate person detections and pose changes, pedestrian misalignment significantly increases the difficulty of feature extraction and matching. To address this problem, in this paper, we propose a Reference-Aided Part-Aligned (RAPA) framework to disentangle robust features of different parts. Firstly, in order to obtain better references between different videos, a pose-based reference feature learning module is introduced. Secondly, an effective relation-based part feature disentangling module is explored to align frames within each video. By means of using both modules, the informative parts of pedestrian in videos are well aligned and more discriminative feature representation is generated. Comprehensive experiments on three widely-used benchmarks, i.e. iLIDS-VID, PRID-2011 and MARS datasets verify the effectiveness of the proposed framework. Our code will be made publicly available.


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