Redesigning Telecommunication Engineering Courses with CDIO geared for Polytechnic Education

by   Mouhamed Abdulla, et al.

Whether in chemical, civil, mechanical, electrical, or their related engineering subdisciplines, remaining up-to-date in the subject matter is crucial. However, due to the pace of technological evolution, information and communications technology (ICT) fields of study are impacted with much higher consequences. Meanwhile, the curricula of higher educational institutes are struggling to catch up to this reality. In order to remain competitive, engineering schools ought to offer ICT related courses that are at once modern, relevant and ultimately beneficial for the employability of their graduates. In this spirit, we were recently mandated by our engineering school to develop and design telecommunication courses with great emphasis on (i) technological modernity, and (ii) experiential learning. To accomplish these objectives, we utilized the conceive, design, implement and operate (CDIO) framework, a modern engineering education initiative of which Sheridan is a member. In this article, we chronicle the steps we took to streamline and modernize the curriculum by outlining an effective methodology for course design and development with CDIO. We then provide examples of course update and design using the proposed methodology and highlight the lessons learned from this systematic curriculum development endeavor.


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