Recyclable Waste Identification Using CNN Image Recognition and Gaussian Clustering

by   Yuheng Wang, et al.

Waste recycling is an important way of saving energy and materials in the production process. In general cases recyclable objects are mixed with unrecyclable objects, which raises a need for identification and classification. This paper proposes a convolutional neural network (CNN) model to complete both tasks. The model uses transfer learning from a pretrained Resnet-50 CNN to complete feature extraction. A subsequent fully connected layer for classification was trained on the augmented TrashNet dataset [1]. In the application, sliding-window is used for image segmentation in the pre-classification stage. In the post-classification stage, the labelled sample points are integrated with Gaussian Clustering to locate the object. The resulting model has achieved an overall detection rate of 48.4 and final classification accuracy of 92.4


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