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Recursive algorithms to repair prioritized and inconsistent dl-lite knowledge base

by   Ghassen Hamdi, et al.
University of Biskra
FS de Monastir

The inconsistency in prioritized knowledge base is because the assertions (ABoxes) come from several sources with different levels of reliability. We introduce the handling of this inconsistency problem to query inconsistent DL-Lite knowledge bases. In the literature, firstly, repair all the inconsistent assertions of the DL-Lite's inconsistent knowledge base. Then, interrogate it. However, our algorithm, on proceeds directly with an interrogation of the knowledge base in order to recover an exhaustive list of answers to a given query. In a second time, to repair the answers of this list. The novelty of our article is the proposition of a recurring function that calculates the rank of coherence in order to manage the inconsistencies in the set of responses. This strategy allowed us to reduce execution time compared to existing algorithms. The experimental study as well as the analysis of the results, which we carried out, showed that our algorithm is much more productive than the other algorithms since it gives the greatest number of answers while remaining the best from the point of view of the execution time. Finally, as shown in our experimental studies, they allow an efficient handling of inconsistency. Such facts make all the repairs suitable for DL-Lite


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