Reconstructing Self Organizing Maps as Spider Graphs for better visual interpretation of large unstructured datasets

12/24/2012 ∙ by Aaditya Prakash, et al. ∙ 0

Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) are popular unsupervised artificial neural network used to reduce dimensions and visualize data. Visual interpretation from Self-Organizing Maps (SOM) has been limited due to grid approach of data representation, which makes inter-scenario analysis impossible. The paper proposes a new way to structure SOM. This model reconstructs SOM to show strength between variables as the threads of a cobweb and illuminate inter-scenario analysis. While Radar Graphs are very crude representation of spider web, this model uses more lively and realistic cobweb representation to take into account the difference in strength and length of threads. This model allows for visualization of highly unstructured dataset with large number of dimensions, common in Bigdata sources.



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