Reconsidering Linear Transmit Signal Processing in 1-Bit Quantized Multi-User MISO Systems

by   Oliver De Candido, et al.

In this contribution, we investigate a coarsely quantized Multi-User (MU)-Multiple Input Single Output (MISO) downlink communication system, where we assume 1-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) at the Base Station (BS) antennas. First, we analyze the achievable sum rate lower-bound using the Bussgang decomposition. In the presence of the non-linear quanization, our analysis indicates the potential merit of reconsidering traditional signal processing techniques in coarsely quantized systems, i.e., reconsidering transmit covariance matrices whose rank is equal to the rank of the channel. Furthermore, in the second part of this paper, we propose a linear precoder design which achieves the predicted increase in performance compared with a state of the art linear precoder design. Moreover, our linear signal processing algorithm allows for higher-order modulation schemes to be employed.



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