Reconfiguring Data Infrastructure Ecosystem in Africa: A Primer Toward Digital Sovereignty

by   Olusesan Michael Awoleye, et al.

The growth of the Internet and its associated technologies; including digital services have tremendously impacted our society. However, scholars have noted a trend in data flow and collection; and have alleged mass surveillance and digital supremacy. To this end therefore, nations of the world such as Russia, China, Germany, Canada, France and Brazil among others have taken steps toward changing the narrative. The question now is, should Africans join these giants in this school of thought on digital sovereignty or fold their hands to remain on the other side of the divide? This question among others are the main reasons that provoked the thoughts of putting this paper together. This is with a view to demystifying the strategies to reconfigure data infrastructure in the context of Africa. It also highlights the benefits of digital technologies and its propensity to foster all round development in the continent as it relates to economic face-lift, employment creation, national security, among others. There is therefore a need for African nations to design appropriate blueprint to ensure security of her digital infrastructure and the flow of data within her cyber space. In addition, a roadmap in the immediate, short- and long-term in accordance with the framework of African developmental goals should be put in place to guide the implementation.



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