Reconfiguration of graph minors

by   Benjamin Moore, et al.

Under the reconfiguration framework, we consider the various ways that a target graph H is a minor of a host graph G, where a subgraph of G can be transformed into H by means of edge contraction (replacement of both endpoints of an edge by a new vertex adjacent to any vertex adjacent to either endpoint). Equivalently, an H-model of G is a labeling of the vertices of G with the vertices of H, where the contraction of all edges between identically-labeled vertices results in a graph containing representations of all edges in H. We explore the properties of G and H that result in a connected reconfiguration graph, in which nodes represent H-models and two nodes are adjacent if their corresponding H-models differ by the label of a single vertex of G. Various operations on G or H are shown to preserve connectivity. In addition, we demonstrate properties of graphs G that result in connectivity for the target graphs K_2, K_3, and K_4, including a full characterization of graphs G that result in connectivity for K_2-models, as well as the relationship between connectivity of G and other H-models.


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