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Recommending Outfits from Personal Closet

by   Pongsate Tangseng, et al.

We consider grading a fashion outfit for recommendation, where we assume that users have a closet of items and we aim at producing a score for an arbitrary combination of items in the closet. The challenge in outfit grading is that the input to the system is a bag of item pictures that are unordered and vary in size. We build a deep neural network-based system that can take variable-length items and predict a score. We collect a large number of outfits from a popular fashion sharing website, Polyvore, and evaluate the performance of our grading system. We compare our model with a random-choice baseline, both on the traditional classification evaluation and on people's judgment using a crowdsourcing platform. With over 84 matching ratio to human annotators, our model can reliably grade the quality of an outfit. We also build an outfit recommender on top of our grader to demonstrate the practical application of our model for a personal closet assistant.


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