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Recommendation of Exception Handling Code in Mobile App Development

by   Tam The Nguyen, et al.
Auburn University

In modern programming languages, exception handling is an effective mechanism to avoid unexpected runtime errors. Thus, failing to catch and handle exceptions could lead to serious issues like system crashing, resource leaking, or negative end-user experiences. However, writing correct exception handling code is often challenging in mobile app development due to the fast-changing nature of API libraries for mobile apps and the insufficiency of their documentation and source code examples. Our prior study shows that in practice mobile app developers cause many exception-related bugs and still use bad exception handling practices (e.g. catch an exception and do nothing). To address such problems, in this paper, we introduce two novel techniques for recommending correct exception handling code. One technique, XRank, recommends code to catch an exception likely occurring in a code snippet. The other, XHand, recommends correction code for such an occurring exception. We have developed ExAssist, a code recommendation tool for exception handling using XRank and XHand. The empirical evaluation shows that our techniques are highly effective. For example, XRank has top-1 accuracy of 70 87


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