Recognition of Grasp Points for Clothes Manipulation under unconstrained Conditions

06/20/2017 ∙ by Luz María Martínez, et al. ∙ 0

In this work a system for recognizing grasp points in RGB-D images is proposed. This system is intended to be used by a domestic robot when deploying clothes lying at a random position on a table. By taking into consideration that the grasp points are usually near key parts of clothing, such as the waist of pants or the neck of a shirt. The proposed system attempts to detect these key parts first, using a local multivariate contour that adapts its shape accordingly. Then, the proposed system applies the Vessel Enhancement filter to identify wrinkles in the clothes, allowing to compute a roughness index for the clothes. Finally, by mixing (i) the key part contours and (ii) the roughness information obtained by the vessel filter, the system is able to recognize grasp points for unfolding a piece of clothing. The recognition system is validated using realistic RGB-D images of different cloth types.



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