Recent Deep Semi-supervised Learning Approaches and Related Works

by   GyeongHo Kim, et al.

The author of this work proposes an overview of the recent semi-supervised learning approaches and related works. Despite the remarkable success of neural networks in various applications, there exist few formidable constraints including the need for a large amount of labeled data. Therefore, semi-supervised learning, which is a learning scheme in which the scarce labels and a larger amount of unlabeled data are utilized to train models (e.g., deep neural networks) is getting more important. Based on the key assumptions of semi-supervised learning, which are the manifold assumption, cluster assumption, and continuity assumption, the work reviews the recent semi-supervised learning approaches. In particular, the methods in regard to using deep neural networks in a semi-supervised learning setting are primarily discussed. In addition, the existing works are first classified based on the underlying idea and explained, and then the holistic approaches that unify the aforementioned ideas are detailed.


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