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Recent advances in artificial intelligence for retrosynthesis

by   Zipeng Zhong, et al.
Zhejiang University

Retrosynthesis is the cornerstone of organic chemistry, providing chemists in material and drug manufacturing access to poorly available and brand-new molecules. Conventional rule-based or expert-based computer-aided synthesis has obvious limitations, such as high labor costs and limited search space. In recent years, dramatic breakthroughs driven by artificial intelligence have revolutionized retrosynthesis. Here we aim to present a comprehensive review of recent advances in AI-based retrosynthesis. For single-step and multi-step retrosynthesis both, we first list their goal and provide a thorough taxonomy of existing methods. Afterwards, we analyze these methods in terms of their mechanism and performance, and introduce popular evaluation metrics for them, in which we also provide a detailed comparison among representative methods on several public datasets. In the next part we introduce popular databases and established platforms for retrosynthesis. Finally, this review concludes with a discussion about promising research directions in this field.


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