Reasonableness discussion and analysis for Hyperledger Fabric configuration

by   Song Hua, et al.

Blockchain, as a distributed ledger technology, becomes more and more popular in both industry and academia. Each peer in blockchain system maintains a copy of ledger and makes sure of data consistency through consensus protocol. Blockchain system can provide many benefits such as immutability, transparency and security. Hyperledger Fabric is permissioned blockchain platform hosted by Linux foundation. Fabric has various components such as peer, ordering service, chaincode and state database. The structure of Fabric network is very complicated to provide reliable permissioned blockchain service. Generally, developers must deal with hundreds of parameters to configure a network. That will cause many reasonableness problems in configurations. In this paper, we focus on how to detect reasonableness problems in Fabric configurations. Firstly, we discuss and provide a reasonableness problem knowledge database based on the perspectives of functionality, security and performance. Secondly, we implemented a detect tool for reasonableness check to Fabric. Finally, we collect 108 sample networks as the testing dataset in the experiment. The result shows our tool can help developers to locate reasonableness problems and understand their network better.



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