ReaLPrune: ReRAM Crossbar-aware Lottery Ticket Pruned CNNs

by   Biresh Kumar Joardar, et al.

ReRAM-based architectures offer high-performance yet energy efficient computing platforms for CNN training/inferencing. However, ReRAM-based architectures are not scalable with the size of the CNN. Larger CNNs have more weights, which requires more ReRAM cells that cannot be integrated in a single chip. Pruning is an effective way to solve this problem. However, existing pruning techniques are either targeted for inferencing only, or they are not crossbar-aware. This leads to sub-optimal hardware savings and performance benefits for CNN training on ReRAM-based architectures. In this paper, we address this problem by proposing a novel crossbar-aware pruning strategy, referred as ReaLPrune, which can prune more than 90 model can be trained from scratch without any accuracy loss. Experimental results indicate that ReaLPrune reduces hardware requirements by 77.2 accelerates CNN training by  20x compared to unpruned CNNs. ReaLPrune also outperforms other crossbar-aware pruning techniques in terms of both performance and hardware savings. In addition, ReaLPrune is equally effective for diverse datasets.



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