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Real Time Vehicle Identification

by   Chandra Shekhar, et al.
Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar

Identification of the vehicles passing over the roads is a very important component of an Intelligent Transportation System. However, due to the presence of multiple vehicles together and their velocity, it gets hard to accurately identify and record them in real-time. Solutions based on Computer-vision use heavyweight equipment making them quiet inflexible, costly and hence unsuitable for wide-area coverage. Solutions based on RFID, although are lightweight and cost-effective, lack of fast and efficient communication protocol pertains to their inability to record multiple moving vehicles at the same time. We propose an IoT-assisted solution that leverages Synchronous-Transmission based communication to bridge these gaps. Through extensive experiments we demonstrate that our strategy can consistently record upto an average of 40 vehicles running at speed range 30-90 Km/h with at least 97.5


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