Real-time Structural Health Monitoring System Using Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

by   Hung-Fu Chang, et al.

Real-time monitoring of various structural behaviors, particularly displacement and acceleration, serves important and valuable information for people; for example, they can be used for active control or damage warning. With recent advancement of the Internet of Things and client-side web technologies, wireless integrated sensor devices nowadays can process real-time raw sensor signal data into target measurements, such as displacement, and then send the results through a standard protocol to the servers on the Internet. The monitoring results are further processed for visualization purpose in the servers and the computed results are pushed to connected clients like browsers or mobile applications in real-time. We build a real-time cloud-based system that can receive heterogeneous IoT data, allow users to create a three-dimensional model online according to the real world structure, and the monitoring results can be visualized in that model. In this paper, we illustrate the software architecture of the proposed system and focus on the technologies that are used, like client-side scripting, NoSql database, and socket communication. We also present the challenges of displaying the overall movement and shape transformation of the 3D structural model. Thus, each internal-connected element's rotations and translations are obtained by converting the monitoring results of each sensor device measured in the global coordinate system. To overcome this, we create an inverted movement calculation method. A simple 3D two-level structural model and simulated sensor displacements are used to demonstrate system function and validate the inverted movement calculation method.



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