Real-Time Elderly Healthcare Monitoring Expert System Using Wireless Sensor Network

by   Ibrahim Almarashdeh, et al.

Elderly chronic diseases are the main cause of death in the world, accounting 60 no observed symptoms, and then symptoms starts to appear, it is critical to observe the symptoms as early as possible to avoid any complication. This paper presents an expert system for an Elderly Health Care (EHC) at elderly home tailored for the specific needs of Elderly. The proposed EHC aims to develop an integrated and multidisciplinary method to employ communication technologies and information for covering real health needs of elderly people, mainly of people at high risk due to social and geographic isolation in addition to specific chronic diseases. The proposed EHC provides personalized intervention plans covering chronic diseases such as (body temperature (BT), blood pressure (BP), and Heart beat rate (HR)). The processes and architecture of the proposed EHC are based on the server side and three main clients, one for the elderly and another two for the nurse and the physicians whom take care of them. The proposed EHC model is discussed for proving the usefulness and effectiveness of the expert system.



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