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Real-Time Detection of Hybrid and Stealthy Cyber-Attacks in Smart Grid

by   Mehmet Necip Kurt, et al.
Columbia University
University of South Florida

For a safe and reliable operation of the smart grid, timely detection of cyber-attacks is of critical importance. Moreover, considering smarter and more capable attackers, robust detection mechanisms are needed against a diverse range of cyber-attacks. With these purposes, we propose a robust online detection algorithm for (possibly combined) false data injection (FDI) and jamming attacks, that also provides online estimates of the unknown and time-varying attack parameters and recovered state estimates. Further, considering smarter attackers that are capable of designing stealthy attacks to prevent the detection or to increase the detection delay of the proposed algorithm, we propose additional countermeasures. Numerical studies illustrate the quick and reliable response of the proposed detection mechanisms against hybrid and stealthy cyber-attacks.


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